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Monday: 9AM – 1PM
Tuesday*: 9AM-1PM & 2PM – 6:30PM
Wednesday*: Closed
Thursday: 1:30PM – 5PM
Friday: 9AM – 1PM
*Summer hours effective 6/24/19 - 8/9/2019: Open 4 days/week, Full day Tuesday, Wednesdays closed

Sweet Fern Studio
317 N. Aurora St., Ste.#200A
Ithaca, NY  14850



$50 Adult Follow-up visits
30 minute visit includes acupuncture to the front and/or back, consultation on lifestyle, diet, or herbs, and is followed by a 30-40 minute rest.  
May include moxibustion or cupping at no extra charge. 

$75 Adult Initial visits
Comprehensive 45 minute health intake and acupuncture followed by 30-40 minute rest.
May include moxibustion or cupping, and lays foundation for Road Map to Wellness. 

$35 Adult 'Touch-up' visits
15 minute visit with brief consultation and acupuncture followed by a 30-minute rest. Intended for sustaining positive results in Phase 3, or for second and subsequent treatments within the same calendar week.
Acupuncture only on front side of body.  

$35 Child Follow-up visits
30 minute visit using Shonishin, moxa, massage, and/or 'taps', as well as consultation on lifestyle, diet, herbs, and home massage.
'Taps' are exceptionally thin acupuncture needles for children, available with child's consent.

$75 Child Initial visits
60 minute health intake with parent & child, treatment using Shonishin, moxa, massage, and/or needles, plus collaborative creation of treatment plan.
Intake portion may be done ahead of time, in person or by phone.

$25 Children's Wellness Visits
20 minute Shonishin treatment is ideal for routine care to boost health naturally and help harmonize your child's body and mind.  No health complaint necessary.
Previously called "Full Moon Shonishin"

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Sweet Fern Studio is located in a beautifully redone green Victorian building owned by Viridius Properties on North Aurora Street between Court and Buffalo streets.  North Aurora Street is a one way street (heading north) from the commons to Court Street.  There is free 2-hour parking on Aurora north of Court Street, and metered parking on both east and west sides of the Aurora directly in front of the office building.  The Parkmobile App allows you to pay for parking and add more time easily from your smartphone.  The TCAT Route 10 bus has stops on Court and Tioga  (one block west) and Court and Linn/University (one block east).  Limebikes are now ubiquitous throughout Ithaca and especially downtown, and your first ride is free!  Once inside 317 Aurora, head up the staircase, and Sweet Fern Studio is immediately on your left.  See you soon!