What is fueling your desire for change?  What future do you envision? How will balance feel? 
Uniting intention with action, we design your Road Map to Wellness.

The Acupuncture Life Cycle

Every day of every year, we are living the Five Element cycle of Chinese Medicine.  In our natural environment the seasons visibly shift from Spring to Summer, Autumn to Fall, with living things sprouting, flowering, growing, waning and dying.  In our bodies and spirits, similar and perceptible changes are constantly at work on both microscopic and large scales.  The Acupuncture Life Cycle mirrors this natural progression, adapting your treatment to the season of your healing.  The Four-Phase Treatment Model outlines a successful, full course of treatment over time.  At each phase, I treat you with whole-hearted and knowledgable care, and guide and support you through your journey.



During the first visit, I gather information about you to understand your health concerns and your vision of wellness.  I analyze your personal health constellation to identify your constitutional strengths and areas of imbalance. Together, we design your Road Map, with actionable suggestions to empower the change you envision.  
What you'll notice: Feeling heard, understood, cared for, and after your first treatments, subtle to dramatic shifts in your energy, pain, sleep, or overall quality of life.
What to do: Schedule your first four Follow-Up visits no further than 1 week apart from one another.
*Package Option: Discovery Package ($280) includes initial consultation, 4 Follow-Up visits, and choice of one additional assessment: Five-Element Questionnaire to understand your constitution, Diet and Nutrition to optimize your gut health and metabolism, or an Herbal Consultation for a customized herbal medicine recommendation.


Frequent and regular acupuncture visits according to your Road Map make cumulative progress towards your health goals.  
What you'll notice: Your treatments build on one another, the dynamics of your original health concern shift: frequency, duration, intensity, quality, tolerability of your discomfort is changing, and then, wonderfully, balance begins to gain the upper hand.  
What to do: Schedule regular Follow-Up visits for comprehensive care.  If your condition is acute or quite severe, I may recommend coming more frequently than once per week; in this case, schedule a Follow-Up visit and then a Touch-Up visit 2-4 days later to maintain results from the prior treatment. 
*Package options:
1-Month Weekly Package ($180 adult / $125 child) Pre-pay and schedule four weekly Follow-Up treatments at a time and save time and money.  
1-Month Bi-Weekly Package ($300 adult) Pre-pay and schedule eight appointments (1 Follow-Up and 1 Touch-up per week) to accelerate your results.  


With most systems now in balance, we sustain your wellness with less frequent treatments.   Sometimes other health issues or habits come up, and are more swiftly treated, building on the solid foundation we have created.
What you'll notice: You are more aware of your harmonized state, and less associated with old feelings of discomfort. 
What to do: Schedule Follow-Up or Touch-Up visits according to your Road Map and level of need. 


You're feeling well and living life with greater ease.  Most of the components of your Vision of Wellness have clicked into place.  Congratulations! Treatments are scheduled as needed for routine self-care on a monthly, seasonal, or just-for-the-heck-of-it basis. 
What you'll notice: You've forgotten to come in for a while because you're feeling good! Or maybe, something new comes up.  
What to do:  Draw on your strengths!  Reconnect with the tools you have developed and schedule a Touch-Up session if you need a hand.